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Merchants!… It’s All about you!!

Paynetworx’s dynamic platform offers omni-channel solutions that make payments easier to implement, safer to use, and support all your local and global needs.

Whatever your requirement as a merchant…we have a product to give you the best possible customer experience – using all the latest technologies in processing and security for eCommerce and Retail.

We also have our specialist mobile SDKs to make life even easier for your developers.


Sounds good right..?

Don’t all Acquirers have their own special payments platform?

Actually, no they don’t – and this is a BIG DEAL for us. We have many years of experience running processing software with all the good and bad things that encompasses. Technically our new Advanced Paynetworx Interface (API) is very clever  – built ground up with a new 2018/19 codebase using modern software tools and languages that allow us to customize it to your requirements.

Our platform is very much about the connectivity of IoT – the Internet of Things.  Consumers now expect all their devices to just ‘work’ and merchants, retailers and banks alike have finally now responded to this. Our payments environment was designed and implemented for device-agnostic purposes using smarter codebases.

Our platform is built with cloud technologies from the outset – so ‘burst’ demands for huge loads can be accommodated and then shrink back as required as demand peaks subside without incurring loading penalty costs. Cloud architecture allows for redundant access globally.

One size does not fit all and as your acquirer and processor, we can move quickly and effortlessly to provide exactly what you need – not what just happens to be off the shelf. And this is wired into the settlement and clearing process seamlessly – so that’s not a worry for our merchants. Our reporting is especially user-friendly because after all you need to know where your money is every day and night wherever you are.

So as we said, this IS a big deal.

Paynetworx and you - a good fit?

So let’s talk about how a merchant becomes a ‘Paynetworx’ merchant.

We have strict criteria that has to be met – and we assess each application on its own merits. As Acquirers we’re taking much of the risk – so we have to be sure we’ve dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ’t’.  If we don’t – we’re liable. We don’t want that; our merchants don’t want that either.  So let’s take a top line view of how a merchant successfully joins up with Paynetworx. Scroll down

I want my business to run on the paynetworx platform. What do I do?

Here’s a simplified step by step to give you some idea of what we need from you and what you can expect from us – and how long it might take.

No two applications are ever the same and some are far more complex than others – so this is purely a framework not the full business doctrine. Below is what you can expect…step x step


Step 1 - Day 1

Contact us via email or phone to register your interest.

We’ll achieve a lot in a short space of time this way with a dialogue flow of questions and answers to get the ball rolling.

We’ll send you a link to our online Paynetworx Merchant Application that will get us the required information on you and your business.


Step 2 - normally Day 1

On receipt of your important documents and identity-related information, we will commence our due diligence work. We examine your business, your trading history, your up-to-date business plans, who you are, and other factual data in great detail. We also run AML checks – for anti-money laundering. Legally to comply with the banking laws we have to Know Your Customer (KYC). If we have additional questions, we’ll contact you and may request some documents from you for verification. If your business is deemed high-risk by Visa/Mastercard we may have a lot of questions. Regrettably, some prospective and existing merchants don’t get passed this point, but that is less than 1%.


Step 3 - Day 1

If all is well  – and there are no KYC or AML issues – we’ll examine the risks around your business. Assuming things look good – we move on to business terms such as rates, fees etc. We’ll agree terms and send you an online link to sign via e-sign.

If you’re happy and we’re happy we can start to look at how we On Board you to our system and what you might need from us for seamless integration or as simple as we send you a payment terminal ready to go. An assigned member of our team will manage your account.


Step 4 - Day 2 - 3

If your business is solely internet-based we’ll support your cart setup with code modules for your developers to use. You may elect to use one of our ready-made iFrame solutions instead. Either way, we can advise you. If you need iOS and Android mobile applications to wire up to Paynetworx – we have all the tools you’ll need for the transactional layer. Most integrations with our system take less than 1 day to complete by your web team. If you require payment terminals for retail outlets these will be ordered /supplied and shipped to you overnight. The account activation team will be calling you to help you set up the devices. You go directly to step 6.


Step 5 - Day 3 (eCommerce)

We’d expect to be testing your connectivity into Paynetworx by now – some trial test transactions then some higher volume testing. We’ll work very closely with your developers and implementation team to make this happen and sharing knowledge and results.



Step 6

We’d expect to agree a go live date with you by now and again we’ll help steer you confidently towards this goal. We will help you terminate your previous contract if needed and generally help you with your business conversion.
Concurrently your account is boarded on our reporting systems will be setup so when the time comes your dashboard of information will be securely accessible to you so your key people can watch the numbers and produce business reports.

Finally we’re live! Transactions are being processed!


Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your payment services no matter what type of business you are in. We do it end-to-end.

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