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Technological solutions

We have the latest paytech solutions!

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Businesses across America are TAKING CONTROL of their payment processing fees by virtually eliminating them completely!

Would you like to pay almost ZERO in monthly processing fees?

As consumers cash in on ever-increasing Rewards Points, the profits of merchants continue to sink.

We think it’s time for a practical solution for cost-conscious businesses.

Personalized Customer Service

Our award winning commitment to superior customer service begins the moment that you contact us.

One of our experienced sales representatives will begin by examining your business needs to provide you with the right service that helps you maximize profits.

There are no hidden fees and no escalating rates. You will never be placed under a contract either. We earn your business every month.

An Industry Technology Leader

We’re dedicated to providing you with the most advanced technology – technology you can’t get anywhere else.

We’ve teamed with the industry’s leading developers to create Paynetworx for all Android and Apple devices – the app that enables you to process credit cards directly from smart phones.

We also offer a full selection of PCI Compliant terminals from top manufacturers.

Solutions for all Businesses

At Paynetworx, your business fuels our business, regardless of your size. We’re proud to say that we have helped thousands of businesses (small, medium, and large) process credit cards nationwide.

Regardless of the size and scope of their operation, each of our clients receives the same high end customer service from one of our highly trained account representatives.

Get a grip..

on fees!

With Paynetworx Cash Discounting you can be more competitive than ever.

Keep your cost of goods low whilst your competitors increase theirs to pay for rising processing fees.

Just get in touch with us…we’ll explain everything!

Let’s talk Cash Discounting

Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your payment services no matter what type of business you are in. We do it end-to-end.

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